About The Pipe Tart

Welcome to the Pipe Tart’s web page. I am Sally Drees Gottliebson, The Pipe Tart. Now that you have found one of my favorite sites on the internet, I wanted to introduce myself, and my company.

I was born and raised in a small west-central Ohio town. I was a tomboy growing up, planning on becoming a cowboy, just like my hero, Roy Rogers. As things turned out, I attended college and became a teacher of US and world history, Speech and theatre. I also directed many school plays and have directed and appeared in many Columbus, Ohio community theatre productions.

Eventually I married a pipe smoker, which led to spending many Saturday afternoons at a local pipe shop. I listened to the employees and customers, learning about tobaccos, pipes and pipe carvers, eventually becoming an atypical, non-smoking regular. A few years later, after retiring from teaching, I joked with the owner about working for him. Before long the joke became a reality and I moved behind the counter. It was fun and relaxing, and I continued to learn about pipes, tobaccos and cigars. Before long I decided to try smoking a pipe so I could talk more intelligently about the tobaccos. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it and found latakia blends to be my favorites. During the next ten years my passion for selling pipes earned me my nickname, The Pipe Tart.

In early 2010, I retired from the shop; however during that time I had the privilege of meeting many carvers, some of whom have become very good friends. While attending the Festa della Pipa in Cagli, Italy at the invitation of Bruto Sordini of Don Carlos, I met Enrico Marola, a carver from Vercelli, Italy. He expressed an interest in selling his pipes in the US. I suggested he send some of his pipes and I would take them to the pipe show in Chicago. We would see what might happen. Four pipes were sold at that show, a third career was started and a new business was born: The Pipe Tart, LLC. Subsequent trips to Italy have allowed me to meet other carvers, including Fabrizio Romeo, who is also represented here.

I hope you enjoy perusing the pipes I have to offer from several carvers. All are handmade and one of a kind. I have smoked pipes by all the carvers I represent and believe them to be very fine pipes made from high grade briar.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Sally, The Pipe Tart